The psychology of martial arts


Ψυχολογία των πολεμικών τεχνών

This book, The Psychology of the Martial Arts, is a practical and helpful manual for
teachers, trainers and masters and advanced practitioners of the martial arts.
The seven chapters of this book deal with issues such as:

  1.  The Philosophy of The Martial Arts
  2.  Elements Of Psychology (that may be useful for martial arts practice)
  3.  The Martial Arts
  4.  Organizations
  5.  School
  6.  Instructors
  7.  Exercises

This is a pioneering work, containing material that may not be found in a clear and
concise manner anywhere else.
The author and experienced martial arts trainer, John Lemodetis, firmly believes that
all readers can find their own personal and unique way towards applying in his/her
own martial arts practice the ideas presented in this manual.
If you are interested in learning:

  •  The ways in which psychology may assist the teaching of the martial arts.
  •  The problems to be confronted by trainers upon founding and managing a
    new school.
  •  The practices and principles that contribute to a successful martial arts
  •  The appropriate organizations a school may be registered in.
  •  The philosophy and the psychology of the martial arts.
  •  Practices and routines contributing to the minimization of fear, etc.,
    then this book, The Psychology of the Martial Arts, is all you need. It’s the right book
    for you!
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